Markets, Neighborhoods and Subdivisions Part I

The more I review appraisals, the more apparent it becomes that many appraisers in Houston are confusing the terms Market and Neighborhood. This creates misleading results in appraisal reports and can lead to an incorrect conclusion of value.

For starters, let’s give some basic definitions for each of these real estate terms: Read more →

FHA Appraisal Requirements: What You Should Know

In a nutshell, FHA is mainly concerned with 3 attributes of a home: Safety, Security and Soundness.

All required repairs will be limited to necessary requirements to:

  • Protect the health and safety of the occupants (Safety)
  • Protect the security of the property (Security)
  • Correct physical deficiencies or conditions affecting structural integrity (Soundness)

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White Oaks Bayou Flooding & Shady Acres – An Example of External Factors Affecting Value

I was recently sent a request to perform an appraisal on a property in the Shady Acres subdivision of Houston. At first glance, the appraisal assignment seemed easy enough, a simple purchase transaction in a well established area of the Heights. A quick search of previous sales in Shady Acres over the past 6 months confirmed that the sales price was reasonable and that everything looked kosher. However, this area of the Houston Heights abuts the White Oak Bayou waterway that runs along T.C. Jester and I knew the area along the Bayou was prone to flooding. With this is mind I decided to do a bit more research on our property. I headed over to the FEMA site to look at the flood maps for this area. Sure enough our property was directly in an “AE”, or 100 year flood plain. I knew that I now must include at least 2 sales that shared this same “negative factor” or else the lender would not accept the appraisal. (It is always considered “good practice” to include sales that have similar factors, this confirms and supports your conclusion on whether the factors affect value or not.) Read more →

heartWhat Our Previous Clients Say:

I was unsure what the after repair value would be on this house. You provided a quick and thorough appraisal service, helping us get the home listed that weekend.- David Keys - Keymark Investments
The report you provided was helpful and showed you had a good knowledge of the Houston area. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.- Mark W. - Estate Value
You provided exactly what I was looking for, a no nonsense approach to this industry. Thank you very much your promptness and honesty. - Nathan McMartin - Nation's Banker Mtg.
Thank you for your appraisal. The end result was just over 100K in assessed value reduction. The appraiser noted that the professional appraisal from you was a big help for me.- Mike S. - Tax Appeal
Wow!!!!! You stayed up late last night! This is a great appraisal. Thanks so much. We will definitely recommend you in the future.- Gloria G. - Listing Appraisal

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