Shoreacres Texas Real Estate Appraisals

Shoreacres Texas Real Estate Appraisals


Real Estate Appraisers in Shoreacres Texas

Our Texas certified appraisers perform residential and commercial appraisal services throughout the Houston market for both independent usage and loan usage. Our philosophy is to deliver a quick, accurate and effective appraisal service that serves our clients’ needs perfectly. Not only do we turn around our reports faster than most other appraisal firms, we maintain some of the most attractive costs for appraisal services in the area.

All of our appraisers are Houston area natives and have over a decade of experience in the market area. We staff appraisers capable of taking on any assignment from residential, commercial or mixed-use. If you have a commercial property valuation project, the majority of our Texas Certified General appraisers have earned the MAI certification from the Appraisal Institute and serve a sizeable portion of South-East Texas.

Moreover, our appraisers are able to perform valuation services for any use including lending, private issues, insurance, legal issues and any other scenario that requires an concise and reliable property value. We are devoted to providing experienced, courteous and prompt services to all our clients be it homeowners or industry veterans. If you’d want to go over your appraisal requirements in more detail please contact us via the number on this page or the online contact form found above.

Getting scheduled is simple! Just complete the online quote request form or call the number above and one of our licensed houston real estate appraisers will be more than willing to help you with your appraisal needs.


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Shoreacres Property Appraisals For:

  • Mortgage Loans & Refinancing
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
  • Divorce and Asset Division
  • Settling an Estate or Probate
  • Estate & Financial Planning
  • Protesting Property Taxes
  • Removing Private Mortgage Insurance
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
  • Insurance Issues
  • Other Private Uses

Our Shoreacres Appraisers Work With:

  • Cash Buyers
  • Homeowners or Private Parties
  • Brokers and Realtors
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Lending Institutions
  • Local Banks and Credit Unions
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Estate Executors & Heirs
  • Trustees, Devisees & Beneficiaries
  • Law Firms

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Are the gp forms similar to the Fannie Mae 1004 report?

A general purpose form eliminates much of the lender mandated data, that may be necessary for government regulated lending practices, but can commonly be useless for a private individual use. When home appraisers compare your home to other recently purchased homes in your community, they are able to verify a median selling amount between all comparable home sales. The bank promulgated 1004 form often has additional filed to meet bank security which is not useful data for an independent appraisal customer. Census data and smsa numbers are a few prime examples of useless data that only serve to help the bank in categorizing their loans. The general purpose forms we deliver to private clients will work for any appraisal use and are very easy to read and comprehend.

If my appraisal is higher than my assessed value, could my property taxes go up?

A tax assessor researches recently sold homes to indicate the appraised value, they do not use private appraisals. A home appraiser is required to maintain confidentiality with the client, which would typically be you (if you ordered the appraisal) or the bank (in a financial related appraisal), not the county tax authorities. An independent appraisal is a useful tool in the task of protesting your real estate tax values.

In what way is a Broker’s Price Opinion different than an appraisal?

An appraisal report is a much more thorough examination of the aspects that impact property prices. Unlike a Broker, the appraiser is required by licensing laws to have no interest connected with the sale of a property and their service costs cannot be a percentage of the price of the home. Only a Texas certified appraiser can estimate a professional appraisal. A BPO estimates the price of a home and is carried out by a real estate broker or agent. The most notable variable between a certified appraiser and broker or real estate sales agent is their motive. Agents may collect a commission from a home sale that transpired because of a BPO lead; real estate appraisers are not permitted to be paid for any outcome of the sale of a home. This could result in inappropriate influence on the Broker’s opinion based on the aspiration to gain a customer. The appraiser is simply interested in delivering the appraisal report and collecting their fee. Their only task is to complete a fair, accurate and objective appraisal.


Our philosophy is to provide a fast, accurate and effective appraisal report that serves our clients needs exactly. Furthermore, we try and help all of our clients understand the "mystery" behind the appraisal process so that they may better understand what we do as appraisers. For that reason we have created this website to serve as a resource full of useful information for home owners and real estate professionals alike.



We’ve Worked with Real Estate Professionals and Private Clients Throughout the Greater Houston Area Since 2005. Since Then We've Become One of the Highest Rated Independent Real Estate Appraisal Firms in Houston Based on Actual Customer Reviews.

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