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Real Estate Appraisers In Kendleton Texas

As one of the premier providers of residential and commercial appraisal services in the Houston area, our Texas certified appraisers can help you with valuations for both private and lending use. Our goal is to provide our clients with a quick, reliable and comprehensive appraisal service that meets or exceeds their expectations and requirements for use. We have some of the lowest appraisal fees in the area and are known for delivering completed assignments faster than the typical company.

Our roster of appraisers are all local to the Houston area and are competent in appraising for various property types, for any uses including residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. For commercial jobs we only assign Texas Certified General appraisers with at least 10 years of experience in the Houston market.

Furthermore, our appraisers can perform valuation services for any use including financing, private matters, insurance, legal concerns and any other scenario that requires an accurate and reliable property value. Whether you’re a homeowner or an industry veterans, we take pride in delivering a friendly and reliable service. If you have questions, or do not see the exact service you need, you can use our online contact form or call us directly at the number listed on this page.

Getting scheduled takes minutes! Just submit the web quote request form or ring our office and one of our local houston appraiser will be more than willing to help you with your appraisal.


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Residential Appraisals Services

Residential Appraisals Services

With over 15 years of experience appraising property around Houston

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Commercial Property Services

In today’s complex real estate market reliable commercial valuations have taken 

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What's The Appraisal Process?

What's The Appraisal Process?

At Houston Appraisal Company we’ve made the appraisal process fast and easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A House Inspection Included In The Appraisal Process?

No. The intent of and usage of an appraisal is different from a house inspection. Inspections involve a licensed property inspector or contractor who analyzes the structural and mechanical components (heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, etc.) of a home, from substructure to rooftop. An Appraiser will simply perform a visual analysis of the house prior to completing his/her appraisal report.

Do Appraisers Perform A Roof Inspection?

No. Only house inspectors would be obligated to perform a walk on your roof. If a house appraiser finds something that may impact value, positive or detrimental, they will include it within their report. If the appraiser discovers any possible problems it will signal the bank to order an additional inspection by a roofing professional to determine if it’s in sound condition.

What Will The Appraiser Do If There Is A Lack Of Comps In My Neighborhood?

Appraisers may be restrained when good comparables are impossible to find. Usually an appraiser will ask for a variance and to be authorized to go into other markets or further back in time for comparable sales. All are entirely defensible approaches to a absence of comps, and the appraisal report even contains an line in the adjustments grid for date of sale.

Fast, Accurate & Reliable Real Estate Appraisers

Our philosophy is to provide a fast, accurate and effective appraisal report that serves our clients needs exactly. Furthermore, we try and help all of our clients understand the “mystery” behind the appraisal process so that they may better understand what we do as appraisers. For that reason we have created this website to serve as a resource full of useful information for home owners and real estate professionals alike.

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