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Commercial Real Estate Valuations In Houston Texas

In today’s complex real estate market reliable commercial valuations have taken on an even more pivotal role. An unbiased, accurate and well-supported opinion of value can mean the difference between a smooth transaction or having a deal fall through completely. Securing a loan, closing a sale, reporting to stakeholders, evaluating investments, appealing taxes, etc. all require that you work with a professional firm that you can trust.

Houston Appraisal Company specializes in commercial, industrial, vacant land and multifamily property appraisals throughout South East Texas. Our appraisers have been serving clients in the Houston area for over 13 years. We offer a wide range of services including real property consulting, use analysis, asset management, tax assistance and more.  From non-complex valuations to the most difficult of assignments, we’re able to complete projects faster and for lower fees than our competitors due to our expansive collection of data and resources, our investment in superior technology and combined market area experience.

Our list of clients is extensive and includes local, regional and national banks, conventional and conduit lenders, FHA lenders, FNMA DUS lenders, insurance companies, attorneys, developers, financial consultants, accountants and governmental agencies.

We also commonly accept assignments that deal with market conditions, feasibility, real estate investment cash flow, eminent domain, air rights and litigation support. And we back up our years of experience in both residential and commercial property appraising with stringent training and specialized degrees providing you the services of experienced, detail-oriented Certified General appraisers.

Our reports are fully compliant with state and federal regulations, as well as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, ensuring that you receive the most timely and accurate appraisal of your commercial real estate.

If you need a commercial property appraised  then give us a call or complete the quote form and we will be happy to discuss your valuation needs. Your appraiser will determine a perfect solution for you that is most appropriate for your needs.

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Common Home Appraisal Questions

What Qualifications Does A Real Estate Appraiser Have To Meet?
A real estate appraiser must be licensed or certified through a state agency and is required to meet educational, experience, and examination requirements. Additionally, commercial appraisers have usually reached the level of State Certified General with over 2,500 hours of commercial work performed. Though not required, some appraisers may also have certain designations such as MAI or SRA.
How Long Does An Appraisal Take?
After an order has been placed and the inspection has been completed, a report can typically take five to seven business days before delivery. An appraisal consists of a combination of on site inspection of the physical property as well as extensive research of comparable sales in the immediate neighborhood. Depending on what the client is needing and the intended use of the appraisal itself, the appraiser may consider many different forms to provide property value. Each form requires an appraiser to have a different approach to providing the value and some take longer than others.A short form report usually takes between three to six hours to complete. Because most narrative reports provide a substantial amount of in-depth information about the subject property, they can take much longer than any other report.
If My Appraisal Comes Out Higher Than My Tax Value, Could My Real Estate Taxes Go Up?
A tax assessor researches recently sold properties to determine the appraised value, they do not rely on the most recent appraisal nor do they have access to it. The appraiser is required to maintain confidentiality with the client, which would typically be you (if you undertook the appraisal) or the bank (in a mortgage related appraisal), not the local tax authorities. In the event you do experience an tax increase, a professional appraisal is a powerful tool in the process of contesting your property tax values.

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