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Our Texas licensed appraisers deliver residential and commercial appraisal services across the Houston market area for both independent use and lender applications. We aim to deliver an appraisal report that meets our customers’ expectations and is delivered with an industry leading turn time. Not only do we deliver our reports faster than the average appraisal companies, we offer some of the most attractive costs for appraisal services in the area.

We only staff appraisers that are local to the Houston area and familiar with its various markets. Our staff is capable of performing assignments for residential, commercial or mixed-use properties. If you have a commercial property valuation project, most of our Texas Certified General appraisers hold the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute and serve a large portion of SouthEast Texas.

Whether you need a home value report for financial, private use or a legal situations, our appraisal services can accommodate almost any real estate valuation needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or an industry veterans, we are dedicated to delivering a courteous and reliable service. Should you have questions, or cannot find the exact service you need, you can use our online contact form or phone us directly at the number displayed on this page.

Getting in touch takes minutes! Simply use the online quote request form or ring the office and one of our certified appraiser in Houston TX will be happy to discuss your appraisal.


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Residential Appraisals Services

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Commercial Property Services

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What's The Appraisal Process?

What's The Appraisal Process?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Actions Should A Real Estate Appraiser Take When Evaluating My Property?

Though a majority of the appraiser’s processes in determining a conclusion of value are done from their place of work, the appraiser’s first step in the valuation process is describing the problem, or scope of work pertaining to the home being valued. The appraiser will generally consider only permanent fixtures and real property. This knowledge will help to assist a property appraiser throughout the valuing and comparison process. To calculate the gross living area of a home, an appraiser will usually take measurements from the exterior initially. This permits him or her to survey the exterior of the house and decide what is to be included in the gross living area. Once he or she has verified the outside measurements, they will then enter the property to measure garage space and any second level gross living area. It’s vital that a home appraiser accurately measures and removes any non-living areas to ensure that the GLA is accurate.

What Is The Distinction Between A Home Appraisal And A Broker’s Price Opinion - Bpo?

An appraisal report is an extensively more thorough analysis of the aspects that impact real estate values. Unlike a real estate agent, a property appraiser is obligated by licensing laws to have no interest tied to the sale of a house and their fee for services cannot be contingent upon the value of the home. A professional appraisal report can only be performed by the appraiser with professional state certifications. A CMA or broker’s price opinion is an less detailed estimate of market value, derived from comparable home sales in the market area, carried out by a agent or broker. The biggest aspect in realizing the difference between the two is the motives for each professional. An agent’s typical goal is to sign a property listing and earn a commission. This can create a professional conflict whereby a broker could tell a client what they want to hear just to land a listing. A professional appraiser is unconcerned with the listing and not earning a commission on the property sale. Their sole responsibility is to complete a equitable, reasonable and impartial appraisal.

Why Does The Financial Institution Supply A Home Appraiser A Copy Of The Sales Contract?

The Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) require that an appraiser review the sales agreement and a property appraiser must declare review of the sales agreement on the appraisal report. An appraiser reviews the stipulations of the sales contract and compares them with what is typical in the market. The sales agreement has data such as the rate of interest, the amount put down, seller concessions or other personal property items that may need to be included in the sale. A property appraiser will also verify that the homebuyer recorded on the sales contract matches the buyer recorded for the appraisal.

Fast, Accurate & Reliable Real Estate Appraisers

Our philosophy is to provide a fast, accurate and effective appraisal report that serves our clients needs exactly. Furthermore, we try and help all of our clients understand the “mystery” behind the appraisal process so that they may better understand what we do as appraisers. For that reason we have created this website to serve as a resource full of useful information for home owners and real estate professionals alike.

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