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As one of the top providers of residential and commercial appraisal services in the Houston area, our Texas certified appraisers can help you with values for both private and banking use. Our mission is to provide our clients with a fast, reliable and comprehensive appraisal service that meets or exceeds their expectations and requirements for use. Our appraisal costs are extremely competitive and we take pride in offering one of the fastest report turn times in the area.

Our roster of appraisers are all local to the Houston area and are experienced in performing appraisals for varying property types, for any purposes including residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. If you have a commercial property that needs analysis our roster of Texas Certified General appraisers can provide you a quote based on the project requirements.

We take pride in offering real estate appraisal services for any need including lending, private use, insurance and legal matters. We are dedicated to delivering competent, friendly and prompt services to all our clients be they homeowners or industry professionals. Should you have questions, or do not see the exact service you need, you can use our online contact form or phone us directly at the number displayed on this website.

If you require a local houston home appraisers near you to carry out a fast and affordable appraisal for your house, give us a call now or submit the short online quote form.


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Residential Appraisals Services

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Commercial Property Services

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What's The Appraisal Process?

What's The Appraisal Process?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Property Appraiser Decide On Comparable Properties (comps)?

An appraiser will evaluate recently sold as well as currently listed houses in your neighborhood in completion of the sales comparison approach. Generally a sales comparison grid is used and adjustments are made to each of the comparable sales for impactful differences between the comps and the Subject for such items as location, gross living or building area, acreage, condition/effective age, market forces, quality of construction and noteworthy amenities. The outcome of the sales comparison approach is a span of adjusted values that suggest, post adjustments, a likely market value for the Subject.

Why Are Newer Properties Selling Higher Than Resales In My Market Area?

Because a builder, never lived in house has not yet accrued any lose in value, it will appraise for higher than a similar existing house. While the dirt will not depreciate in value – houses will. This can be clearly seen in the life expectation of many of a home’s materials and systems. Case in point, almost all 30-year roofs usually need replacing after around twenty years. Conversely, a resale home that is only four years old still has four years of value loss throughout all components and this must be factored into the appraisal report. Finally, recently built properties most often allow for some personalization to the house which means the homebuyers get precisely what they want when they move into without needing to carry out changes.

Why Does The Financial Institution Supply The Appraiser A Copy Of The Sales Agreement?

There are frequently transaction specifics in the contract that an appraiser must consider to determine if they affect the appraised amount. Of the most concerning are the conditions of the contract and whether or not they are common for the market. Specific stipulations such as seller contributions towards the buyer’s mortgage costs could affect the appraised sales price estimate if not inline with what is commonplace in the market. A real estate appraiser will also confirm that the homebuyer recorded on the sales contract matches the buyer recorded for the appraisal report.

Fast, Accurate & Reliable Real Estate Appraisers

Our philosophy is to provide a fast, accurate and effective appraisal report that serves our clients needs exactly. Furthermore, we try and help all of our clients understand the “mystery” behind the appraisal process so that they may better understand what we do as appraisers. For that reason we have created this website to serve as a resource full of useful information for home owners and real estate professionals alike.

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